Sunday, June 5, 2011

Playing Catch Up (1)

As I was talking to Scott, my local purveyor of plastic and resin (none of those oh so twentieth century toxic metals) this afternoon and mentioned this blog, I thought I had better put some suitable (GW) pictures on the blog.

Forge World Nurgle Terminator
As you can see I have some 'depth of field' issues. Forge World Nurgle Terminator body and pads, modified Chaos Terminator legs and a Heavy Flamer and tentacle arm (counts as Power Fist).

Grey Knight Captain
To even things up, a Grey Knight Captain (Sergeant body and a Captain Stern Sword - I think). This is from the previous all metal range. It was only as I got the figures out to photograph that I spotted the Grey Knights power armoured troops were lacking back packs. Something to sort out before I publish those pictures.

Inquisitor Scale Genestealer
Way back when, I had the idea of building some Inquisitor (54mm to the rest of us) scale Genestealers from the previous Tyrant Guard bodies and the Tyranid Warrior weapons sprue.

Other relevant blog entries are the Venerable Dreadnought Bede and two cruelly enlarged Marines.

I hope to have finished and photographed my Vegemarine plus a quick comparison of the new Finecast Huron Blackheart with a Forge World 2011 Games Day Assault marine (I do not have the Badab War figure) by the end of the day.

The Lilith Hesperex comparison will have to wait (the other two versions are stored somewhere in L-Space).

As for assembling and painting the Dark Eldar, that is for another day...