Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Standing over the fields of England, as their protector"

This Crooked Dice Corn Doll conversion is either a display piece or an objective marker.
Considering the length of time it has taken to get this figure to this point (it is one of the first Corn Dolls I bought when they were released), the paint job is simple. Mordian Blue top, Black Grey trousers, Leather Brown gloves and shoes, German Light Camo Brown for the head and rope (washed with Flesh Wash) and Dark Sand for the straw and rope highlights finished off with a Dheneb Stone dry brush.

The base is not finished, I have a test piece (a 40mm lipped base) which I am trying various scenic effects on before committing them on this one. 

I have a number of these 'in production' on 25mm normal and 30mm lipped bases (the latter for WWW2 games), and at some point I will post some more. If I do not get distracted.