Saturday, December 31, 2016

Warlord Games M4A4Sherman V - details

One of the problems mentioned earlier was the representation of the turret lifting rings. So rather than just cover them with stowage, I removed them and replaced them with ones made of 0.7mm brass rod. They are held in place by liquid poly.
Yes, I have still not filled the HMG mounting hole.

Here is the back of the example in the IWM.
The additional aerial base needs to be added.

One of the features of most in service Sherman tanks is the use of spare track as additional armour.

Racks are fitted to the glacis which hold three track links.

The Warlord kit contains the spare track links, but they are too large to fit in the space.

For comparison, here is the Warlord track links and three pieces from the Rubicon Models Allied Stowage Set (cut down from a six link moulding).

As you can see, the Warlord spare track is noticeably larger and will not fit in the space between the driver's hood and the differential housing.
Here are the two pieces of Rubicon spare track in place on the Sherman V. The one in front of the hood barely fits.

Next is filling that hole in the turret top, adding the mortar and the stowage.