Thursday, December 22, 2016

M4A4 Sherman V - Imperial War Museum

There is a Sherman V tank at the Imperial War Museum.

The location in the museum is not conducive to photography.

This tank has the appliqué armour on the sides of the hull and the right side of the turret.

The red triangle indicates the A squadron of the senior regiment (the shape would be yellow for the second regiment and blue for the junior regiment). The number identifies the tank
Turret lifting ring and tools.
Rear view of the turret and the engine deck.
Rear left of the hull showing the "Ever Open Eye" of the Guards Armoured Division.
 Tactical sign, for the Guards Armoured Regiment it is the 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards.
Another view of the tools, air intake and rear lamp.
 Turret rear.
Aerial mount on the turret bustle.
Left rear view, including a view of the pistol port.
High quality welding on the glacis and the armoured plates protecting the driver and machine gunner "hoods".
Over side of the glacis.
Turret showing the right hand appliqué armour.
Detail of the glacis including the attachment parts for the hull machine gun dust cover.
Applique armour on the hull and the turret.
 Right rear of the hull, including the mounting points for the sand shields.
The Frankenengine that powers the M4A4, five engines bolted together. This example is at the IWM Duxford.