Thursday, December 22, 2016

Warlord Games M4A4 Sherman V

At Warfare I bought the Sherman Tank Troop, comprising two M4A4 Sherman V tanks and an M4A4 Sherman VC tank.

Unlike the M4 kit, this is a Warlord Games only kit, not a joint project with Italeri.

I started by building one of the Sherman V tanks.

The kit is a lot "chunkier" than the M4 or the Rubicon M4A3.

The fit of the upper and lower hull is not very good, as you can see I have had to use milliput to fill some of the gaps. This would be masked if the optional sand shields were added.

There is also the appliqué armour on the hull, some M4A4 hulls had this armour, others did not. The gun shield looks clumsy compared with the M4 kit.
The three piece differential cover does not join the upper hull very well. I was impressed with the join in the upper and lower track pieces. Note also the fixing points for the separate lifting rings.
 More filling and filing on the other side. Note the turret also has the appliqué armour.
The lifting rings on the side of the turret are not particularly well represented. Note the fixing points for the hull lift rings which are separate items.
The HMG mount is fixed to the turret top and not the cupola. I have removed the mount, it still needs filling. There is no sign of the smoke bomb thrower.