Saturday, May 19, 2018

Wild West Exodus - Jesse James

Wild West Exodus is a Steampunk/Magical variant of the Wild West, mixing real historical characters (some slightly obfuscated) with aliens and magic.

Beyond watching the films, I know very little about the history of the "Old West", but most of it is not pleasant.

However this is fiction, so on with the figures.

I bought the "Gunfight at Red Oak" starter set at Salute, earlier I have shown the "finished" figures of Doc Holliday and Frank James.

This is the WWX figure of Jesse James armed with two pistols that cannot decide whether they are revolvers or automatics. Jesse also appears to have two bionic arms. There is probably a story about that.
The WWX figures are large, I measured the Doc Holliday figure, he is about 38mm tall.
I might run another shade/wash over his hair.
This was not an easy figure to paint, the posture is difficult, no idea on the colour scheme and the face is almost entirely obscured.
I do like the effect on the cape.
A small part of the James gang, Jesse with his brother Frank.