Friday, May 4, 2018

The Boys Are Back In Town!

Hasslefree have the first two of the Cartwright brothers, named by their father after gun manufacturers. They have adapted well to the apocalypse.
Colt is the oldest, has a bit of a temper and is armed with a revolver and a very sharp knife.
He also has a rucksack, useful for stashing supplies when they find them.

Smith is the youngest and more thoughtful, calming things down when his brother would just rush in. He too is armed with a revolver, another shop knife and a pump action shotgun.

In the thick of it, facing off against a herd of The Walking Dead: All Out War walkers.
In the Walking Dead: All Out War expansion "Days gone Bye" there are  rules to build your own survivor, they are perfect for high powered characters. My first run through had them worth 80-90 points without equipment (for a reference Negan is 70 points). They will have to face a lot of walkers.
They have come to the assistance of Andrea.
 While Amy hides behind them.
Crooked Dice's Heroic Cop wades in with his shotgun.

Size comparison with Crooked Dice's William Killian, they are quite large, more than matching The Walking Dead figures.