Monday, April 23, 2018

Warlord Games Resin M24 Chaffee

Earlier I posted photographs of the Empress Post War French Paratroopers. To provide them with some support, I dug out an ancient Warlord M24 I bought from Salute many years ago (possibly when it was released).

It had initially been sprayed with Humbrol Dark Green. A later decision was made to over paint it with Vallejo US Olive Drab. It was then abandoned.

The hull machine gun had been lost in the mists of time (or quite possibly it had not been supplied - no heavy machine gun was found in the original package). A replacement was fabricated out of brass rod.

Lifting rings have been added to the front of the turret, a second pair are required toward the back of the turret, A tow cable (with ends from the Rubicon German Stowage Sets) has been added on the right hand side. An additional cable needs to be added to the left hand side. A stowage box has been added on the left hand mudguard (hidden behind the turret).

The first set of soft stowage has been added on the rear right mudguard.

There is much still to be done.