Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Walking Dead: All Out War - first walker

Though I have had Mantic Games' The Walking Dead: All Out War for quite a while, I have not got round to painting the figures that come in the box. I have painted the figures in the Woodbury solo box, the one from the Andrea booster and the freebie from Salute in 2017.

Having been painting a number of Malifaux Resurrectionist undead, I decided to try using Citadel Rakash Flesh for the skin tone.
The tee shirt is Citadel Ultramarine blue, the trousers are Citadel orange of some kind. The hair is Vallejo Dark Sand.
There is a large block on the base to identify that he figure is from the All Out War box.

This is the walker with the freebie figure from Salute 2017
 There is an identical figure in the All Out War box set, but it has sheets of paper on the base to differentiate it from its All Out War figure.