Sunday, February 19, 2017

Weird War 2 British Armoured Infantry

There are currently two manufacturers making British WWW2 armoured infantry, Warlord/Clockwork Goblin and West Wind.

The Warlord/Clockwork Goblin Galahad armoured infantry man.
 The West Wind British Steel armoured infantryman.
Two comparison shots

The British Steel is armed with a Vickers medium machine gun, the Galahad with a Bren light machine gun fitted with a drum magazine (if it was a K gun I would expect a higher rate of fire).

The British Steel is also available with a Boyes anti tank rifle, a flamethrower and a grenade/mortar gun. In the rules there are options to add disposable anti tank rockets (PIAT-D).

There are no weapon options on the Galahad,