Saturday, February 4, 2017

Rubicon SDKFZ253 as a Totenkontrolfahrzeug

Rubicon released a kit that could build the SDKFZ250/1 Alte or the SDKFZ253.

Unlike almost all SDKFZ250 family vehicles (and German halftracks in general) the SDKFZ253 has a roof. It is not too much of a stretch to make the vehicle airtight which would make it a perfect vehicle for SOTR as a forward observer vehicle for V-Gas artillery and as a pinger control vehicle (Pingers are a radio controlled zombie which allows the directing of the normally uncontrolled zombies in SOTR).

Of course, making it airtight would mean that the crew might asphyxiate rather than suffer the effects of the V-Gas. So it needs some form of air filtration system.

The Rubicon Tiger tank kit has the desert filters as an option, and I did not use it on the first one I built, so I have a set spare.

First, here are the sprue photographs (Rubicon publish the assembly instructions on their web site).

Because the 253 has a roof, quite a lot of the bits are not used.

The kit went together easily (the problem with the parts not gluing together I experienced with the Studebaker did not occur with this kit). I basically followed the instructions except I have not glued the wheel assembly to the body, I will spray both parts with Citadel Chaos Black spray and then the body with PSC German Dark Yellow spray.

Left side
Right side
Rear. The structure on the rear of the vehicle are the cyclone air filters from the Tiger kit.
 Rear again. This shows the jerry can holder. It needs some smoothing out. The rack and the box on the door are inspired by the photograph on page 56 of the Terry Gander book on the 250.

Comparison shot with a Bolt Action SDKFZ251.
It shows the SDKFZ250 series is tiny.