Saturday, March 19, 2016

Rubicon Crusader WIP 4

Here are some more work in progress pictures.

First the replacement tarpaulin.
Next, the armatures added for the packs. Due to not being able to find the square section bar, I used some square section tube. They are pinned to the sand shields.
They are then filled with greenstuff and the top flap added. I used some microstrip to add the space for the straps. Once the greenstuff had set, 0.030" by 0.010" was used to produce the straps.
 Greenstuff was then used to add the straps holding the packs to the rail. Also a Rubicon German Stowage set bucket was added to the glacis, and filled with a rope removed from a Bolt Action British Commando pack.
This show the sand bags added to protect the driver.
 An additional roll was added to the engine deck.
The undercoated model. Normal method, Citadel Chaos Black undercoat then Humbrol Desert Yellow. I do wonder if Humbrol Desert Tan might have been a better colour.