Saturday, March 12, 2016

Rubicon Crusader WIP 2

So, I have had some time today to continue with the Crusader model.
Not paying attention I placed the tarpaulin on the right side lower than the photographs show.  I also added the jerry can rack. I also added two Bolt Action British helmets, one hanging from the left rear turret lift ring, the other hanging forward of the aerial.
 The tarpaulin on the box on the rear of the left hand side fouled the turret when I tested it, which then took a long time to clear. This meant that I did not manage to get it sculpted before it began to set.
 I added a sand bag on the right side of the driver's position. Unfortunately I also managed to work on both sides of the vehicle which meant that I had to wait for the green stuff to set properly so I did not leave finger prints on it.
 Returning to the model this evening, I added the first tarpaulin behind the tank rack. I will need to be careful to ensure the gun barrel does not foul when I add the rest.
 I also added two sand bags on the right hand side of the driver's position.
Slight excursion, I assembled the other tank turret as a Close Support 95mm howitzer. The only missing bit is the turret box, so I used some 6.3mm cross section rod to make a box and will cover it with Green Stuff as an alternative turret.