Sunday, March 27, 2016

British M4 number 3 - work in progress

Having almost run out of Rubicon tanks (I have the part built T34/85 and the unbuilt T34/76), I have returned to the Warlord Games M4 Sherman I for another stowage fest.
 I have used one of the crates from the Rubicon German Stowage set on the rear deck, and used 4.8mm square section tube as armatures for packs.
 The front luggage rack uses two pieces of square section strip with an infill piece of flat strip. Also note the Rubicon tow rope end on the shortened tow rope.
There is a large tarpaulin attached to the turret side, I used 1.6mm plastic rod inserted into the turret side to support it.

I added an HO scale drum with micro strip straps and a filler to the front rack together with a crate made from an HO scale box covered in micro strip. The armatures on the rear deck are covered with a tarpaulin made from greenstuff, as is the box on the rear of the turret.
Additional rolls are added to the rear deck.