Saturday, February 10, 2018

Warlord Games Marder III - built

So the SDKFZ 139 Marder III is now built.

Overall it is a nice kit. There are issues with the instructions, specifically the assembly of the nose section to the hull tub, the rivet detail on the inside of the track units prevents the insertion of the nose section between them, The instructions for the assembly of the bracing/handles inside the gun shield are unclear, and if you fix the gun mounting to the hull very difficult to fit (I needed to access them from beneath to get them in the sort of correct position).
The gun is very detailed compared to the normal turret mount weapons, You can see two of the braces/handles between the gun mount and the gun shields. Not completely convinced that they are in the correct orientation.

 I drilled out three of the ready rounds as if they had been fired and not replaced in the racks. They are slightly smaller in diameter that the rounds but I was not convinced the plastic would have taken a larger diameter hole.
Overhead shot.
 Comparison shoots of the Marder III (based on the Panzer 38(t)) and a Rubicon Jagdpanzer 38(t).
The Jagdpanzer is also based on the Panzer 38(t) but has a lengthened and widened chassis.

Overhead shot, showing I should of dusted the Jagdpanzer. I will finish it someday.