Sunday, February 4, 2018

Warlord Games KV1/KV-2 tank part two

Continuing work on the Warlord Games KV-1/2 tank.

The poor join between the base of the turret and the sides has been filled with milliput and smoothed. The holes for the hand rail on the top of the turret were also filled (from inside) and re-drilled. 0.7mm rod was used to replace them.
The pistol ports were drilled out and a replacements (of a style similar to that of the IWM's T34/85) made from 1.0mm plastic rod smoothed out.
The left hand shackle has not been added yet as it will have a cable attached to it. The plastic rear machine gun was replaced with some more 0.45mm rod.
The two lockers were dented using a file. They were glued in place (they are positioned adjacent to the two exhaust ports).
The KV-2 turret had the backs of the hand rails reinforced with milliput. The pistol ports were drilled out on each side and on the rear door. They were replaced with shaped plastic rod.
The rear machine gun was replaced with brass rod.

 I also drilled out the lens of the front head lamp.