Thursday, January 4, 2018

Panzer I Ausf B with Breda 20mm auto cannon continued... part 4

I have found the remaining white metal parts, though only the headlight was needed. I have added the two posts on the glacis for the first of the soft stowage.
A tarpaulin has been added to the glacis. A Rubicon Allied Stowage set crate has been placed behind the fire extinguisher.
The fixing of the bucket has been bulked up to indicate the loop. Not sure what is in the bucket. Note the bubble on the mudguard.
Another view of the new tarpaulin. An additional peg has been added to the front track guard.
A greenstuff tarpaulin has now been added to the right track guard. The tarpaulin is additionally secured to the front right tow hook.
One short and one long Rubicon Allied Stowage crate have been added to the engine deck.

A tarpaulin has been draped over part of the two crate. A small amount of greenstuff was used to fill the gap between the crates. The gap between the aerial and the hull mount has been bridged with greenstuff.
A view of the tarpaulin.

Next stop, spray painting.