Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Zvezda Panzer 38(t) in 15mm

Many years ago I bought a Zvezda 15mm scale Panzer 38(t). As I had a spare moment I decided to assemble and paint it.

I added a spare wheel, spare track, a helmet, an ammo box and an MG ammo box from the PSC stowage and crew set. I also drilled and added a peg on the bustle and sculpted some soft stowage.

It was undercoated with Citadel Chaos Black spray. The hull and wheels were painted with Vallejo Black Grey. A mix of Vallejo black and Hull Red was applied to the track and the exhaust silencer.

The hull and turret were dry brushed with Humbrol 246.

The helmet was painted with Vallejo German Camouflage Dark Green.

As I do not have any 15mm scale decals, I raided the Warlord and Rubicon sheets. The Balkenkreuz was from Warlord, the number from two Rubicon German AFV sheets (only one set of small numbers per sheet).

After varnishing, a wash of Citadel Agrax Earthshade was added.

Comparison with the Warlord Games resin Panzer 38(t). It also uses the Rubicon numbers and the same size Warlord Balkenkreuz.