Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Shadow War - Armageddon Beastman Kill team

More years ago than I can remember, Games Workshop had an opening sale at their new shop in Bristol. At that time they would have offers such as three for the price of two. At the Bristol opening, I bought two boxes of plastic Catachan Imperial Guard and a box of three Sentinel walkers.

Over the years I have whittled the forty Imperial Guard down to ten unassembled miniatures. I was not deeply impressed with the over muscled nature of the sculpts (they are bigger than wombles).

I also bought at some time a Warhammer Chaos Beastman Regiment.

At some point on the Lead Adventures Forum someone asked if anyone had a use for the Catachan plastics.

So I dug out the Catachan and Beastman sprues to build a Beastman Kill Team.

This is the Beastman leader. The Catachan legs and arms are as supplied. The neck hole was widened and part of the collar removed to allow the Beastman head to fit.
I will be adding some greenstuff to add some hair to the torso and arms.