Sunday, April 23, 2017

Salute 2017

Salute was well organised, the very long queue moved smartly along the twelve twelve columns in hall N11 before we finally entered the hall.

For the true connoisseur of queuing, there was the option of joining the orgeworld queue before you actually entered Salute.

First stop was Mantic (in a change from the normal programme), to buy all the Walking Dead goodies and collect the free walker.

They were down to the last box of the show exclusive Lee and Clementine set by the time I got to the front.

Next was Simple Miniature Games for some Malifaux. They have a multi-buy offer which is always worth a look. They also had the Games Shop only bonus model version of the Queen Returns (an Undead, Neverborn Fey Master and her associated entourage). The bonus model was Doctor Dufresne (an alternative version of the McMourning character).

Then it becomes a bit of a blur.

Hasslefree were high on my must visit list, and I picked up most of what I wanted (some of it was so new they had not received the first casts).

I now have Pulse (female pulling the hood of a hoodie over her head) and Danica armed with a pair of Tonfa (?) which will be added to my A.G.E.N.T.S. cast. Lots of other nice figures, I will get round to building.

Anvil Industries have on their website pre-set regiments based on their Regiments multi-oars resin figures, at shows they will, if ask nicely, collect all the bits for you. I bought the Martian Orbital Fusileers as they reminded me of the old Laserburn Dennis the Dustbin Imperial marines. No icea what they are for, but I will find a use for them. They also had a nice wheeled APC and a Goliath mech.

Crooked Dice had their excellent range of figures augmented by new scenic items in MDF and resin. Highlights are the Giant Gorilla and The Beast Below. I did manage to forget the new Darius figure, but I went back to get one with resin base and one without.

Lots of other stuff to go here, but I do have a couple of photographs of a Ground Zero Games bot that I thought was cute (V15-68A if I remember correctly).

Was not quite the droid I was looking for.

By the time I got to The Plastic Soldier Company and Warlord, quite a lot of their stock was gone. This was especially true of PSC, I did manage to get an M4A3/M4A3E8 Sherman kit, the last one.

Warlord had a special offer on the plastic tanks, but had sold out of the IS-2 I was looking for. They also had a range spanning offer on boxed sets, so three boxes from Beyond the gates Of Antares joined a Konflikt '47 Walker.

I also chatted with someone from Clock Work Goblin about the future direction of Konflikt '47. Nice preview of a British walker and a print of the Automated Carrier (a Preying Mantis would have been nicer).

New figures from Empress, but I could not really justify the U-Boat, nice though it was. I also bought a FV103 Spartan (an HLBS model) having nagged about Empress doing one for years.

From Spectre, I bought their Cops vs Clowns starter set, one of their Technicals and a civilian car. They had sold out of the other technical and the Fast Attack Vehicle. Oh and a DSHK for use on one of Empress's M113s.