Monday, April 24, 2017

Anvil Industries: Martian Orbital Fusileers - part one

Anvil Industries has an extensive range of multi-part heroic scale resin figures.

They can supply a "standard" squad or you can roll your own from an extensive menu.

I bought the Martian Orbital Fusileers set at Salute.

 Ten armoured torsos with backpacks, ten armoured legs, eleven pairs of arms, twelve sets of rifles and heads. A fusion gun and backpack provide a heavier weapon if required..
 Flash was minor and easy to scrape off. Always a good idea to give them a quick scrub with detergent or mild scourer to remove any remaining release agent.
One great advantage of the resin over metal is the presence of locating lugs and sockets that make assembly easy. The rifle plugs into the right arm.
The figures are supplied with normal 25mm slotted bases, but I decided to use 30mm lipped bases for these science fiction figures.
 And for scale, here is William Killian.
Now, I have two nice figures from Hasslefree that will make really good rebels to face them.