Sunday, January 8, 2017

Warlord Games M4A4 Sherman V - engine deck

So now I started to load stowage onto the rear engine deck.

The Rubicon Models Allied Stowage set provided a British toolbox (I added a catch on the side) plus two crates from the German Stowage sets. As is traditional, I added a plastic rod peg on the front right mudguard for the soft stowage there plus another two pegs for the big roll to go on the engine deck. Two pieces of square section tube from Plastruct were pinned to the deck.

 Here is the roll on the glacis.
 Overhead view showing the tarpaulin sculpted over the boxes, the big rolled tarp and a piece of tarp on one of the crates. This was completed in three bits (to allow the previous pieces to set), starting with the tarpaulin over the plastruct crates.
Rear quarter view (also showing where gaps needed to be filled on the turret (milliput makes a smoother filler here).
 Side views.

Rear view.

Now, it was at this point that I remembered that I needed to add the fire extinguishers by the rear lifting rings. Now according to the Warlord Games instructions, the tube end of the extinguisher faces forward. However in the photographs from the IWM, it can be seen that there is an obvious raised bracket towards the rear that would take the tube end.

Checking the photographs in Dennis Oliver book also show the extinguisher facing towards the rear, so that is how I attached it to the model.

The model has now been undercoated but requires the base colour (PSC British Tank spray).