Thursday, January 19, 2017

Warlord Games Churchill - Stowage pegs added

So to support the soft stowage I have added 1.6mm plastic rods into holes drilled into the hull.
Formers for the back packs have been added to the left side of the turret and the back of the turret bin.
A Rubicon Models German Tool Box from the German Stowage Set 1 has been added to the right side of the turret. A base plate of 6.3mm wide plastic strip was added to the box, and supports made triangular pieces of the same strip were added to the sides. To ensure a good join, a piece of 4mm strip was first glued to the tool box with liquid poly. Once this was secure, the strip was then glued to the turret itself.

On page 41 of the Osprey New Vanguard book on the Churchill there is a photograph of a 7 RTR Churchill with soft stowage where the kits spare track pieces are to be mounted. This is to be replicated on the model. The spare track pieces can then be used on another Churchill, there are only two spare track links in the kit.