Thursday, November 26, 2015

Rubicon Work In Progress

I have two Rubicon Models' tanks under construction, a T34-85 (hence all the pictures of them earlier in the blog) and a mid War Panzer III.

First here is the work in progress Panzer III. My suspicion is that this was the company's first model, as it is not as high quality as their later models, some of the surface detail is poor and the Mantlet does seem to project a long way forward.
 The Osprey book on the Panzer III has a plate (B1) showing a canvas cover over the exposed part of the barrel that recoils to protect it from dust. Though the plate is of a Ausf and the version I am building is an Ausf M, I thought it would be an interesting addition. Obviously added in Greenstuff. The track from the Rubicon German Stowage set was added to the top of the turret (again from an Osprey plate) and held in place with Slaters' Microstrip. I later added a similar bracket to the track length between the bow machine gun and the drivers hatch.

Two jerry cans were slotted in behind the rail on the right rear side and have microstrip straps. The brown box is an HO scale box obtained as part of a set of spurs from Knightwing. As it fitted so nicely in the available hole, I did not check if it fouled the turret, which it does. The turret does turn but care has to be taken.
The rear has the large wooden crate (with microstrip straps) and a hanging bucket (page 13 of the Osprey book - though that is in Russia and this will be a Desert War tank). I have added two War-games factory water bottles to the rear of the turret bin. This is something missing from the stowage set and a feature of pictures of DAK tanks (see page 19 of the Osprey Book).
Subsequently I have added a covered case (two of the HO boxes covered with Greenstuff) between the jerry cans and the crate and a long tarpaulin along the back of the crate that also hides what is holding up the bucket.
The front will have additional sand bags added behind the lights (most of the pictures I have seen of Desert War versions have the lights to the side of the ventilators at the front, but I could not fit them there, there is  a hole there that will need filling/covering from my attempt). The lights are vulnerable, and hopefully the sandbags will provide protection.

Additional Jerry cans will be added.