Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Compare the T34-85 Part one

The Tank Museum has a T34/85 in the main display area.

The tank was captured during the Korean War, and was probably manufactured in 1944 in Omsk.

Identification of the particular type of T34 is difficult, there were no official designations, the tanks were assembled with whatever pieces were in stock so a tank manufactured in 1944 may have earlier features than one manufactured in 1943.

The finish of the tank is most noticeable, the elements that made up the turret are crudely welded together. With the life span of a T34 being very short, production was optimised for numbers not for parade ground quality.

This tank most resembles the Rubicon T34-85, note the horizontal line of the turret behind the mid point. See the next entry for the other turret shape.