Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Zomb-tober sort of… part one

As I was watching the first episode of The Walking Dead series six (time flies while your your world is being consumed by the shambling horrors),  I was wondering how long it would take to paint a large batch of zombies.

At my current production rate I estimate that I would have 100 points of zombies for 7ombieTV by about 2020.

And then I noticed something. All the zombies in the scene were the same over all colour (dusty mud) with occasional splashes of colour, mainly dried ick.

This makes sense as zombies are not known for their personal hygiene and as the apocalypse has been going on for a while they are going to get grubby.

Now the colour is going to vary, if it rained, say like in the UK, there would tend to be a graduation of mud over the Zombie as rain washed(diluted) the muck down the figure.

There is also the question of basing: rural bases could be the same colour as the figure, unfortunately I made my Zombie bases urban which does make it a bit more complicated.

So my plan is to dig out some assembled zombies, and try spray painting them an overall colour then detail painting bits of skin and clothing. Finally add washes of mud and blood.

I did assemble a batch of twenty Studio Miniatures German zombies (and some conversions), spray paint their uniforms and detail paint hands faces and other bits fairly quickly. They matched up nicely with the individually painted examples on my painting thread.

Zombtober is an annual Zombie painting thing, I do not paint things quickly enough.