Monday, September 14, 2015

Colours 2015

After resting in 2014, Colours was back in 2015, if only one day but in the same place, Newbury Racecourse.

I bought a four new rule sets at the show: Terminator Genisys, Frostgrave, Skirmish Outbreak and Otherworld.

Terminator Genisys is mainly set in the future and the set contains clip together terminators and human soldiers.
A new manufacturer to me was Evil Bear. Their show supplier had new power armoured troopers, supplied in a metal tin.
Skirmish Outbreak is Radio Dish Dash (of Skirmish Sangin fame) version of the Zombie Apocalypse. Building on their previous rules, it is a comprehensive set of rules, though a lot more complicated than rules such as 7ombieTV. It certainly looks interesting.

Frostgrave is Osprey Games new fantasy skirmish rules, complete with a set of white metal characters and plastic supporting cast. They have packaged up the Mantic undead plastics for the rules.

Otherworld is based on the Action:Engine rules from Crooked Dice. Allowing skirmish games using classic dungeon dwellers and is designed for Otherworld miniatures but not directly tied in to the range.

Warbases had a number of interesting items, but in the end I picked up one of their 15mm Stalingrad buildings.
I picked up a large number of Crossover miniatures figures from Minibits, which should keep me busy painting Superhero figures. I also bought two MDF buildings, one of the Tech Buildings (for use as a shop) and a missile silo (for use as a missile silo).

Crooked Dice had the prototypes of their villains and soldier figures due shortly, and I bought their resin Weed (no nodding in the sunshine…). I also got Otherworld from them.

The Dice Bag lady had some Stunty Henchman and some Statuesque Miniature figures.

Overall it was an enjoyable show, thanks to all I talked to.

Now back to the painting.