Friday, October 18, 2013

It is only a sniffle...

Having fought with the finishing of a Crooked Dice Heavy Machine Gun support team (my problem, not the figures'), I thought that finishing off one of the Demons of Nurgle would be a simple victory of sorts.

So here is the first of Legion.

The figures are multi part plastic kits with minimum flash and moulding marks.

So after a spray undercoat of GW Chaos black, I used GW Nurgling Green for the body. The gory bits were then filled in with GW Mechrite Red. The sword was cleaned up with Vallejo Black.

The whole thing (gory bits and all) were then washed with GW Drakenhof Nightshade. This provided a grubby shading for the whole figure and dark shading for the gory bits.

The large blister/internal organ area on the stomach was then lightened with Army Painter Skeleton bone. All the gory bits were then washed with GW Baal Red. Vallejo Dark sand was then used to highlight the icky blisters. The horn started out with Vallejo Leateher brown lightened with Vallejo Dark Sand (which looks the same as the Army Painter Bone) with a final highlight of Vallejo Buff.

Dark sand and Buff were used for the claws. The eye was filled out with Buff, and when dry Vallejo Red. a White highlight was added at the bottom of the eye.

The sword was dry brushed with Vallejo Black Grey.

This colour scheme looks okay to me, and should not be a problem to finish the rest of the squad, plus the herald.