Sunday, October 6, 2013

For The Greater Good - part four

There has been a conjunction between my camera and the two Crisis suits (there was also an unfortunate conjunction between the Monat suit and the floor which snapped both ankles of the suit).

So after pinning (0.7mm brass rod) the ankles back together here are the pictures.

First up is a Fireknife-7 configuration suit (suit configuration names are from The Guide To Mech Tau)

Next up is a Monat suit.

In the original Codex, it was not made clear that if you had two identical weapons, that they had to be twin linked, so when I built this suit it was designed to have two (not twin linked) fusion blasters.

Now I am undecided between continuing with the original design (Sunforge - TL Fusion Blaster and shield) or a Helios with Plasma Rifle and Fusion Blaster (and shield)

As this suit was designed to have the weapons mounted on the shoulders, there was no room to add the multi tracker allowing shooting with two weapons. Though the multitracker was hardwired (previous Codexes) I wanted a representation on the figure.

Looking at the accessory normally used to represent the multi tracker, I noted that it would also work as a head, so I drilled a hole for a central eye and used plastic rod to make the lens and added the usual two aerials from a standard head to the side.

I also added an unfolded hand, the fingers again made from plastic rod.

I used the same painting technique as the fire warriors.

Next up a Stealth Team and a Piranha.