Monday, December 31, 2012

Work In Glacial Progress

Actually, glaciers are a bit hasty...

So, to show that it takes me awhile to complete anything, here is my Vanilla Womble army.
The second row are built from Wombles from the Third Edition 40K box (with additional RTB-01 heads - my Vanilla Wombles all have Womble - Mk6 - helmets).

The top five on the left are Forgeworld Mk6 and the two bottom right are converted RTB-01 (RTB-01 torsos on the plastic legs of the kits with the fixed helmets that came out after RTB-01 but before third edition).

Not shown are the terminators, I got some of them free when Games Workshop opened their hundredth shop and had a lot of special offers and giveaways. Those were the days...

The others are from second edition Space Hulk and the Fifth Edition 40K box.