Monday, December 31, 2012

Operation Squad: Modern War

Operation Squad: Modern War is an update of the Operation Squad World War two skirmish rules from Massimo Torriani.

The basic squad size is eight regulars, with various additional sections (HMG, sniper etc). The rules have army lists for Royal Marines, SAS, US Marines, US Delta force, Italian Bersaglier, Iraqi regulars and Insurgents. Additional lists are available for various periods on the web site. There are currently no rules for vehicles (there is a HMMWV on the website) but you could use the Operation Squad vehicle rules.

So here are some figures.

Empress Miniatures' Royal Marines advance supported by a Scimitar (Imprint vehicles).

The Squad Sergeant directs his fire team.
While the Corporal sets up fire support from cover.
Well equipped mercenaries with their "Technical" support (Empress US Marines).