Monday, April 25, 2011

Cheap Truck

While shopping on Saturday, I saw the following toy for £2.99 in QD.
It is a JCB branded 'Site Truck', 1/60 scale. The cab is die cast, with interior detail in white plastic (right hand drive). The chassis and tilting back are plastic, the tyres are a rubbery plastic. The cab appears to be held in place by two screws, which should assist in repainting.

The photograph above shows two Copplestone Guards in Berets about to slap a parking ticket on it for parking across the loading area.

The figures are work in progress (so what is new on this site?), so apologies for the paint job. I also just spray painted the two part Ainsty building pieces for a background, which is my excuse for not having painted any of the doors etc.