Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blinking statues...

Two more pictures and a slightly new technique.

The above are two of three Scary Statues from Crooked Dice.

The figures were sprayed with black undercoat then brushed with Dheneb Stone. Gryphon Sepia was then washed over them. The bases are standard 25mm bases topped with a 24mm circle of Slaters 7mm scale paving embossed plastic card. That was painted with Astronomican grey.

The pictures again highlight poor colour separation, there is paving color on the bottom part of the statues robes.. The wash technique does however give an interesting marble like pattern to the plain paint colour and I will definitly be trying this again on further figures. I will have another look at these and see if I can improve them.

Oh, and the third statue, that one is reaching out, and that requires a lot more work with the camera to get the hand, the body and the wings in focus.