Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bad Squid Female Soviet troops - PPSH-41 SMG

This is the first of the Bad Squiddo Soviet soldiers I have painted. They clean up reasonably well, but this one has an unfortunate mould line running across the helmet and then across the face. The discontinuity is obvious on the helmet at this magnification.
 I still have to add some foliage to the base.

Here she is being supported by a T34/76.
With overhead daylight fluorescent lamp above, without below.
Comparison with a Bolt Action Soviet Infantry man.
 The bodies are only slightly smaller in stature, the helmet and gun are both smaller.

 Though there is a difference, for the SMG gunners it is not that noticeable. However, it will be noticeable for the rifle armed troops, but I need to paint them first.

A final shot of the Bolt Action figure and the Rubicon T34/76.