Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Automated Infantry - weapon system.

Way back when I bought a pair of British Automated Infantry from the Clockwork Goblin sub stand at Salute.

For various reasons I have not got round to build them.

A thread on the Lead Adventures forum was discussing weapon choices for the Automated Infantry.

Here are some comparisons:

First, here are the components (the components of the current Warlord Games version may differ).
The weapons (Vickers' medium machine gun and a US M2 HMG.
Now, to me they look rather large, so the following is a comparison between the Automated Infantry weapons and other versions of the same weapon from a different manufacturer, in this case an HMG and a MMG from Empress Miniatures.
So at the top, you can see the HMG from an Empress M113 model., at the bottom is a Carton Loyd MMG carrier.

In the depths of my spare sprue drawer I found an Italeri 1/35 modern weapon sprue with an M2 HMG.
It is clear the Automated Infantry weapon is slightly smaller.

Now, a quick measure shows the M2 is about 35mm long, which at 1/56 is 1960mm

Now Wikipedia says the length is 1654mm, which gives a calculated scale ~1/47, so it is probably 1/48.

The Vickers is about 25mm, Wikipedia gives a length of 1120mm, which makes it about 1/45.