Sunday, May 28, 2017

Alpha Legion Sniper

So continuing with the Alpha Legion theme, they are experts at intervention and underhanded tactics.

Sometimes direct pinpoint action is required, so there is a need for snipers.

Now there is no "sniper" option on any army list that covers Alpha Legion, however there is no kill better than overkill, so I chose the longest range weapon available on my lists -  the Las Cannon.

Again I used the normal Space Marine kits - this time the heavy weapons one and the kneeling legs.

Now for "Line" marines I have used a combination of Chaos and normal marine parts avoiding anything too chaotic. Now the sniper is going to be an Elite choice so I used just normal marine parts.
The kneeling pose suits the sniper concept.
The only problem is the power cable between the cannon and the backpack, as you can see here it would pass through the knee, so this figure is awaiting my attempting to connect the two.