Sunday, November 20, 2016

Post War Bolt Action miniatures

Having bought a number of the Wargames Factory (and subsequently Warlord Games Project Z) survivor plastic kits, I have a large number of 28mm scale modern fire arms.

What I was looking for was some post World War miniatures for a skirmish game between American and Soviet proxies.

At Warfare Warlord Ganmes was selling individual plastic sprues, including World War 2 American and Soviet sprues. I thought that would be an ideal opportunity to try combining the Bolt Action bodies and the Project Z weapons.

These are the first two figures, a Soviet supplied soldier with an AK47 and a US supplied soldier with an M16.

The guns suffer from being rather large compared to the figures. Some filling will need to be added to the join.

The figures are also slightly shorter if a lot chunkier than Crooked Dice figures.

They look okay, so I am going to build the remaining figures up.