Monday, January 11, 2016

7TV Second Edition

It is here, it is very very shiny!

7TV is a miniatures war-game of those sixties and seventies television programmes, combining SciFi and Espionage with the making of those programme with all the squality production values those of a certain age remember (and with DVDs and the Internet relive).

Front of the box:
Back of the box:
Box contents:

The contents include:

  • Director's Guide  (containing the core rules).
  • Producer's Guide (containing cast creation and scenario rules)
  • Hero and Villain cards containing their specific rules
  • Gadget cards
  • Countdown cards
  • Plot point counters
  • Status and objective tokens (plastic)
  • Blast template (plastic)
  • Dice
  • The MacGuffin token (white metal)
As you can see, it is a high quality product.

In line with the metagame nature of 7TV: the scenario is called an Episode; your models are a Cast made up of Stars, Co-Stars and Extras; their value is referred to as their Ratings and the Episode length is determined by countdown cards in Three Acts.

The rules use normal six sided dice (included).

Rather than go through the rules, you can see them yourself, have a look at the  Crooked Dice website.

Now rather than witter on about how good it is, I am off to pit the "Organisation to Nurture and Consolidate Europe"* against some Federated Security.

* Apologies again to Charles Stross for borrowing his joke (it is better in French and in the novel Halting State).