Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dad's Army

Warlord Games have a licensed set of Dad's Army figures, comprising of seven members of Walmington On Sea's Local Defence Volunteers in uniform and as armed civilians, plus the ARP Warden both as a greengrocer and in uniform. The characters are rounded out with the Reverend and the Verger.

Below are the figures, with Crooked Dice's Tweedy and TLS Captain for scale (oddly they are not included in the box set).

There is some minor flash and some of the weapons will need careful straightening (especially the barrel of Pike's tommy gun, yes it is still attached).

Also included is a double sided folded A4 set of special rules for substituting them for members of the Home Guard in Warlord Ganes' Bolt Action WW2 rules.

The figures are readily identifiable and I can see their use in a number different games. I do wonder how easy it would be to substitute Westwind gas mark heads for Weird War Two games.

Interestingly they are supplied for slotted bases rather than the Bolt Action standard flat base.