Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Colours 2012

Once again I journeyed into the the West, well, Newbury really. It is west of somewhere.

The racecourse was very busy, though a lot of it was due to a Giant Boot Sale, though I did not see any larger than normal footware, though I did see a few people that might have wanted a pair.

After a slight detour to the Atenociti's Workshop (and the purchase of a 'Mobile Turret' - or Spider tank and admiring their forthcoming power armour), it was round to the Crooked Dice stand to buy this month's releases - Troad, Gascoigne and Dr Argus. The nice people there were showing pictures of their forthcoming releases, including the first two Future Freedom Fighters, Argonauts and Talos. Helena was wondering why I wanted three Dr Argo, all I can say is "Argonauts... In Space!

Ainsty supplied their new buggies, drivers and three little droids (and very cute they are too), plus additional resin items.

Warmill supplied a small pod (a build review later). I bought from Empress/Imprint models a BTR80, a FV410 Warrior and another 'Technical'.

Not in the least bit inspired by the previous night's Doctor Who, I picked up a resin Triceratops from Magister Millitum.

The new Wargames Factory plastic female zombies will build up the undead forces for 7ombieTV.
Three examples with May Killan for scale. They are a major improvement on the original Wargames Factory zombies.

I added a couple of Cadet Judges plus a Brit Cit Judge to my Justice Department. Having seen the film, I need to find one of my Dredd figures, and some gangers.

I also bought another Figures In Comfort carrying case, no matter how many I buy, they always seeem to fill up.

Overall the show was entertaining and thanks to those who chatted.