Thursday, November 10, 2011

Deathguard Lord (part 2)

Continuing with the conversion of the Warhammer Nurgle Champion to a 40K Deathguard Lord.

I cut the back pack mounting structure off a Spacemarine torso and pinned (the white mark is the plastic rod) and glued it to the back of the figure.
This was then blended in with some Green Stuff. The fit of the pistol holster was also improved.

The backpack had the vents drilled out and short pieces of plastic tube glued in to represent the structural failure of the more usual grill. As mentioned previously, the right hand tube was cut off and rotated. Brass wire was added to holes drilled in top surface and then a piece of plastic card added to indicate a panel had 'popped' and spilled cables. Holes were drilled in Nurgley patterns of three and finally a horn from the Terminator Lord kit was added to the skull on the back pack.
The figure has now been under coated and initial base colour applied.

Hopefully this will be finished by Christmas...